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anita new1Monday January 22 7:00-8:00pm
Self-Love Workshop with Anita Woodley

You are worthy of receiving the ultimate love in this lifetime and only you can provide it.
Anita Woodley will share how to increase love for yourself through self-forgiveness.
Develop the willingness to let go what is no longer supporting your personal expansion.
If you are willing, past decisions, experiences and hurts will be released at this workshop. All ages are encouraged and invited to attend.
Anita Woodley tours America and abroad modeling what freedom gained from self-love looks like. She works full-time as a Creative Health Education Speaker and Educational Entertainer, who specializes in teaching effective forgiveness techniques, as well as transformative social and life skills within community, K-12, college and corporate groups. Anita has earned ​an Emmy® award, and is the recipient of numerous awards for her work as a storyteller, former producer for CNN and WUNC-FM’s The Story with Dick Gordon, actress, poet, mixed-media folk artist, baker and playwright. In 2017, Anita was named both Arts & Culture Woman of the Year by Spectacular Magazine, and the Health Equity Impact Community Member of the Year by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health & Health Disparities. To date, Anita Woodley has written and performed ten solo theatrical productions, including critically-acclaimed Mama Juggs: Breast Cancer Awareness Show, Bucking The Medical and mental Bull: The Black Male Experience in the American Health Care System, and The Men in Me: Urban Male Issues Exposed. Anita Woodley is also a Tikar Village African named “Princess Bekang” of the chiefdom of N’ditam, Cameroon.

Learn more about Creative Health  Education ​ at http://www.anitawoodley.com


ME REDWOODSTuesday January 23  7:00-8:00pm
Living a Inspired, Mystical Life

with Oasis founder Robert Roskind, author of A Guide for an Awakening Planet

It so easy to lapse into leading a mundane life full of all the details modern life seems to demand of us. However, living an ispired life is simple (but simple is not always easy). Just use unconditional love for all as your homing beacon. In essence, just claim your Divinely-given, and pre-incarnated acceptance of, your assignment as a teacher of love. Then determine your greatest gifts (music, writing, child-rearing, counseling, painting, caring for the elderly, etc.) and use these to most effectively undertake your assignment.

Robert Roskind is the author of twelve books including Rasta Heart: A Journey into One Love, The Beauty Path: A Native American Journey into One Love, The Gathering of the Healers, In the Spirit of Marriage and In the Spirit of Business. He is also the producer of a record-breaking PBS series and the organizer of over 200 One Love Events in the U.S. and Jamaica. He lives in Carrboro and operates the Oasis.


At Oasis FilteredWednesday January 24  7:00-8:00pm
Stories To Help You Prepare For Aging: Dealing With Pain
with Dr Kevin T. Morgan

Dr. Kevin T. Morgan, veterinarian and Ironman-distance triathlete in his 70s, learned a great deal from his athletic and body awareness training over the years. He also learned a lot from finding his dangerously large abdominal aortic aneurysm, in 2010. He enjoys sharing valuable tips and tricks for healthy aging, while facing life’s challenges. These thoughts and observations are presented as short stories from his experiences, working as a country vet on the family farms of England, in the 1970s, and during a 40-year career as a research scientist in the fields of sheep diseases, drug and chemical safety, and Applied Mathematics. As a scientific lecturer of many years, he soon learned that lectures don’t work. Stories do! We are a story telling species, thus the use of stories in his books and presentations. Each story is selected to provide a lesson of value, when it comes to dealing with our later years. His latest book, “What Is Your Pain Trying To Tell You,” was recently submitted to BookBaby for publication.
Inspirational Cover BoxShot-1Born in 1943, in Bristol, England, during World War II, while bombs were dropping. I don’t remember the bombs, but I do remember playing on bombsites until about age eleven. I qualified as a wet behind the ears, veterinarian, from Bristol Veterinary School in 1967. This was followed by three years in large animal (mainly dairy) practice on family farms. Five years at the sheep diseases research in Edinburgh from 1970 to 1975, leading to a PhD in Neuropathology, from Edinburgh University. I really enjoyed living in Scotland (plus sons number 2 and 3 were born there). A desire to study the French language took the family to Geneva, Switzerland, where I entered the field of Toxicology. I continued this work, in ‘the science of poisons’ for the next 40 years, moving from one scientific discipline to another, including electron microscopy, histochemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, large-scale gene expression, fluid dynamics, and finally applied mathematics. I made one movie on The Mucociliary Apparatus (it’s now on YouTube!), during my research career. I finally left science as a career during an invited lecture, “Paradigm Shifts in Biology” (I decided 40 years was enough, time for a change), and decided to start a business. Here I am, still enjoying life. Three grown children, seven grandkids, and I still enjoy Ironman, though it gets tougher every year. I’m currently working with my nascent business, Old Dogs in Training, LLC, to help people feel better about the aging process, which is clearly tougher than an Ironman.



Old Dogs in Training, LLC:  https://www.facebook.com/Old-Dogs-in-Training-LLC-131509633610761/

The Mucociliary Apparatus:  https://youtu.be/v6aXinG8dxs

Prepare For Aging: http://prepareforaging.com


Vital Plan event at oasis(1)Thursday January 25  7:00-8:00pm
A Restorative Approach to Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, and Other Chronic Illness
with Tim Yarborough and Belinda Macri

Tim Yarborough and Belinda Macri of RawlsMD will educate and inspire you on a possible journey of recovery from Lyme, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue.
North Carolinian Dr. Bill Rawls founded Vital Plan and RawlsMD based upon his own experience with Lyme disease and his will to discover a way to regain his health.  An extraordinary man and a story that will lift your spirits.  Assisting many here in the United States and abroad, his unique restorative protocol relies primarily on herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle practices to address the roots causes of Lyme and many other chronic illnesses.

In this presentation, we’ll share Dr. Rawls’ story and approach with time for discussion about how shifts in our current health care system must be made to address the full spectrum of health. We’ll discuss specific herbal combinations recommended by Dr. Rawls as well as nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that address the true root cause of many chronic illnesses; a concept Dr. Rawls calls Chronic Immune Dysfunction.  We have far more control over our health than has previously been understood when it comes to these chronic conditions.

TimTim is a native to the Triangle and longtime proponent of holistic health. A graduate of UNC-CH in Environmental Studies, and a yoga teacher, Tim is now the Wellness Director at Vital Plan where he works with Dr. Rawls creating wellness programs.  He is passionate about helping people learn about how to care for their own health and the health of their communities to the greatest extent they can.
IMG_1865Belinda Macri supports the Lyme community as a Customer Support representative and a Health Coach with Dr. Bill Rawls of Rawlsmd part time while she owns and operates Clearwater Retreat in Chapel Hill.   A dream manifested following years of holistic education and practice where her  own life challenges inspired her to create.  Offering Ayurvedic/Wellness Consultations, Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Polarity Therapist,RPP (energy bodyworker), Cooking Classes, 1/2 day retreats, rentals and more.

BELINDA MACRI | Customer Support belinda@vitalplan.com | 800.951.2414


Kundun-poster01Friday January 26 7:00-8:30pm
Movies-That Matter/Spiritual Cinema
Kundun – The Life of the Dalai Lama

Martin Scorsese’s magical mystery mandala on the life of the Dalai Lama is a visually exhilarating, spiritually ambitious film that goes where Scorsese has never gone before.

Praised as one of the best films of the year, KUNDUN is a motion picture masterpiece directed by five-time Academy Award(R)-nominated director Martin Scorsese. It’s the incredible true story of one of the world’s most fascinating leaders — Tibet’s Dali Lama and his daring struggle to rule a nation at one of the most challenging times in its history. Powerfully told and set against a backdrop of world politics — the film’s release created an international uproar! Featuring a striking Oscar(R)-nominated score by renowned composer Philip Glass, this extraordinary motion picture has been greeted with both controversy and worldwide acclaim — experience it for yourself!


SDFP4-300x202Saturday January 27 7:30-9:00pm
Slow Down for Poetry LIVE! FREE!

Slow Down for Poetry is a Chapel Hill, North Carolina based trio, made up of Keirsten Alexandria, Ondrea Austin, and Larry Bach. Brought together by their individual love of music across genres, their soulful covers of artists such as The Civil Wars, Amy Winehouse, and Joni Mitchell bring a sense of joy and familiarity to their performances, while their originals allow the audience a glimpse into what makes this trio tick. Whether singing a cover or original these three singers connect with the heart and soul of the stories their songs tell.


betseynewSunday January 28 6:30-8:00pm

In these sessions we focus on Creating Resilience, individually and in our communities. The first 30 minutes includes practices such as meditation, deep breathing, and guided imagery to calm and center ourselves, so we can function at our best. Following that we discuss actions to prepare for the coming changes to create greater resilience in our communities as well as in our individual lives.

No experience necessary. Free! Open to all!

Presented by a group of concerned and dedicated citizens:
Betsey Downing, Marty Adams, Tana Hartman Thorn,
Vic Rhodes, Dirk Kelder, and Jim Sander





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