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Wednesday December 12 7:00-8:00pm

HOLIDAY HELP -DESTRESS with Judy Halliwell

Join Judy on a path to de-stress you through the holidays, whether you are happy or sad. She is here to help you learn to balance your energy centers and bring balance to your life. You will learn aspects of healing that are simple and can be used in everyday life.

Judy has been a certified Holistic Master Energy Practitioner since 2005, a Kinesiology Professional, Certified and Clinical Hypnotherapist, intuitive counselor, teacher, Reiki Master, non-denominational minister, and creator of the paradigm “The Reflections of Harmony”™ Knowledge of Wholeness. Judy’s goal to help people find inner peace, relaxation, and balance so that they may continue to grow, move forward and enjoy life.She served as an Administrative Assistant to Dr. Susan Baker who was the key Speaker at 1st World Congress, Vienna on Resilience Therapy. Judy has a Degreed in Metaphysics at the Natural Psychic School of Metaphysics and is an Ordained Minister, a Doctor of Divinity, and Doctor of Metaphysics as well as a Certified Sacred Heart Yoga Instructor. Contact information: 412-559-2573 interiorchanges@aol.com Judyhalliwell.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4s9_Nlx974g*
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Thursday December 13  7:00-8:00pm
with Kezia Renee Lechner

We are living in evolutionary, revolutionary, exciting, yet also highly uncertain times. It is more important than ever to find ways to bring ourselves into balance and to cultivate inner peace. What are the issues you feel you are struggling with? What challenges, both inner and outer, do you face that you are wanting to resolve or release?

During an experiential evening of Transformational Intuitive Coaching and hands on Energy Healing I will provide individual sessions for those who choose to work with me. People who came to my presentations express that they leave feeling lighter and less burdened, with more clarity and passion about moving forward on their path.

Kezia Renee Lechner moved to this area from Philadelphia. She offers private sessions and hosts a monthly, sliding scale Healing Clinic in Chapel Hill. Formerly a professional artist, she was a member of a National Artist’s Coaching Community for over a decade. Drawn to the Healing Arts, she became a Reiki Master in 1999, explored a number of other healing modalities and soon after established her own practice.

Over the years, as her sensitivity to energy and her intuitive abilities grew, she began to combine Intuitive Life Coaching with Reiki/Energy Healing, a blend she finds highly powerful and effective in helping clients move forward in their lives.  To learn more about Kezia visit www.HeartofaHealer.com – www.OpenintoChange.com or contact her at 919 929 8749 – keziarenee@gmail.com

Saturday December 15 7:30-9:00pm

Samadhi is a soulful kirtan band based in North Carolina. Although the term kirtan is originally from India, we celebrate traditions from around the world that foster community gatherings centered around devotional call and response singing. Kirtan transforms the spirit, bringing us together, unifying our hearts and voices, sharing in the spirit. Because kirtan requires participation, WE NEED YOU! Our music is as diverse as our band, and with influences that include jazz, gospel, indie, rock n’roll, and soul, our chants range from moments of sweet intimacy to resounding expressions of the heart. Our members include Krishna Nama, Prema, Rangadevi, Steve, Kat, Julian, Courtney & Vikram.



Monday December 17 14 7:00-8:30pm
Close Encounters of the 5th Kind (CE-5)
Video and 20-minute Meditation

with Oasis founder Robert Roskind, author of A Guide for an Awakening Planet

CE-5 stands for Close Encounters of the Fifth kind which means that it is possible for us “humans” to invoke encounters with extraterrestrial life forms. It is what we call Human Initiated Contact. The term CE-5 was created by Dr. Steven Greer. He is the founder of the CSETI project and is the worlds most renowned researcher in regard to extraterrestrial life. Dr. Steven Greer has also been fighting for more than 20 years against the UFO secrecy that is being kept in place by many governments and against the military and industrial complex who want to keep the ET technology hidden from public because it would mean the end of our fossil fuel consumption as we know it.

Also, there will be several videos of Steven Greer and Grant Cameron with them discussing the Star People’s proven reality and how there are no “evil aliens,” only those who are assisting us in transforming our planet from fear to love and providing technology that will allow us a pollution-free, healthy future.


Now serving organic Counter Culture Coffee (chosen #1 in Southeast, fresh-ground & French-pressed), kratom, kava, CBD products, drinks and edibles, large selection of organic teas, smoothies, gluten-free, vegan, raw and regular pastries and fine chocolates from Matthews Chocolates in Hillsborough. 

During the daytime hours, The Oasis operates as a traditional coffee/cafe/tea/wine lounge. Come alone or with friends and enjoy the relaxing environment. At night, The Oasis transforms into an environment of entertainment, connections and inspiration. On week nights, we host free presentations (7:00-8:00pm) on life-affirming topics (holistic health, environmental issues, indigenous wisdom, sustainability, etc.). On weekend nights we have Movies-That-Matter and live music. All our events are free. (The Oasis is also available to rent for presentations, meetings, workshops, parties, etc.)