Evening events are free & no reservations needed but come early for great food and beverages! 

Sunday February 19 open 1pm-6pm

tom-9-16hi-resTuesday February 21 7:00-8:30pm
Meditation Workshop with Tom Spector, PhD

Tom’s Meditation Workshop is for everyone, even people who believe they could never meditate. Learn techniques to calm your busy mind and experience your precious Inner Being. Some healing techniques will also be presented. Tom is internationally regarded as a refreshingly effective meditation teacher. His teachings are clear and easy to follow. They combine profound meaning with light humor. Participants regularly enjoy the benefits of meditation. Many have life-transforming experiences.

1 OasisWednesday, February 22, 7:00PM-8:15PM
Creating a Conscious Relationship: What You Never Learned in School
with Steve & Pamela Moore
This is an incredible evening that has been of great value to all!

Join Steve and Pamela Moore for a fascinating evening that will change the way you look at your relationship. None of us went to “Relationship School” before selecting our partners. It is very easy to get lost in the moments of disconnection and recurring conflicts that never seem to get resolved. No one taught us what to do when our relationship gets uninspiring. Come to this dynamic presentation and learn where conflict really comes from, the brain science behind it, and how to deepen connection to your partner. This work is as much about enhancing an already great relationship as it is about repairing problems.

This talk is based in part on bestselling author and psychologist, Dr. Harville Hendrix’s work called Imago Relationship Therapy. He states “This is a revolutionary view of relationships: rather than leaving the relationship to find yourself, you find yourself through it.”

Steve & Pamela Moore are a real couple who love to share their expertise and their own relationship journey (bumps and all). Steve Moore, LCSW has been a psychotherapist for 30 years. He is a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and his wife, Pamela is a Certified Imago Relationship Educator. Together they will present a one day couple’s seminar called “Creating a Conscious Relationship: The Experiential Seminar” on Saturday, April 1, 2017. For more information go to www.MooreConnection.com or www.facebook.com/MooreConnection.

JACKET 2  10-2015  B  FRONT lowThursday February 23 7-8:30 pm
Meditation, Teachings, and Q&A Experiences
With Suzette Faith Foster

Are you ready for an easier life, for more inner peace and to take your spiritual practice to the next level? If so, let Suzette be your guide and holder of sacred space for this transformation. Humanity is, individually and collectively, at a great crossroad. We are more powerful in numbers; so let’s create a path for peace and ease for us all to awaken more fully to the Truth of our Being. Meditation includes breathwork, toning, guided meditation, and divine transmissions through eye gazing in the silence, followed by a short teaching and Q&A. For full description of Suzette’s Meditation, also held in Raleigh on Tuesdays: http://www.choose2thrive.com/suzette-faith-fosters-meditation-experience
Visit her at her website: www.Choose2Thrive.com

Suzette Faith Foster, a speaker, author, healing facilitator, transformational coach, Golden-Orb Oneness Blessing Giver and inter-faith minister, is the owner of Choose 2 Thrive. She empowers others to move through life or health challenges and return to wellness. Her clients have avoided scheduled surgery, got off medicines, healed their pain, cancer, and addiction. Her own miraculous healing story featured in the nationally-released film I Hope You Dance is another testament that the body knows no boundaries.

Foster’s book Calling Back Your Power shares wisdom, stories, and tools to help the reader improve or even circumvent health and life challenges. The many personal and client stories bring these teachings to life—to inspire the reader to step into the truer, happier, and more prosperous version of themselves.

The book includes all the teachings, Truths and Beliefs that Foster embraced when she, like the late Christopher Reeve, became both paralyzed and stopped breathing. Foster helps the reader to create their own transformation—to put breath back into their life, undo indecision and move through challenges with intention and gratitude. A mother of two adult daughters, married to Bill Mosher, and living in Raleigh, she also enjoys yoga, biking, and hiking. Visit her at her website: www.Choose2Thrive.com

bookerFriday February 24 7:00-8:30
Movies-That-Matter/Spiritual Cinema
Bolin Creek Unpaved


Bolin Creek Unpaved explores the diversity & beauty of Carrboro’s last intact riparian forest and the controversy surrounding its conservation. It’s story about our town, but it’s also a story about every town facing the issue of development versus conservation…the importance of having wild places next to where we live and how that adds to our quality of life more than “more pavement” ever can. Interviewed in the film are a leader in The Nature Conservancy, the President of the Friends of Bolin Creek, a local Urban Stream Ecologist, a photographer/birder/naturalist, a member of the Carrboro Board of Alderman. The music in the film is primarily made by a local composer with all original compositions and one song by well known local violinist Jennifer Curtis.

CharlieThe film was created by Charlie Morris, a documentary filmmaker and a Carrboro local. The movie was made with a budget of ZERO dollars and with the effort of numerous dedicated local volunteers. Bolin Creek Unpaved premiered at the Carrboro Arts Center to 290 people, nearly selling out the theatre in Carrboro, NC on Sunday January 15th, 2017. The filmmaker then contacted Robert of the Oasis to inquire about a special screening there. After the Oasis screening a special guest speaker will be on hand to chat about a little known history of Horace Williams Airport and the UNC land exchange that led to the creek’s currents existence.

Charlie Morris is a Carrboro local who makes documentary style films for social justice and environmental causes. His site is thevideoslab.com. The site for the movie can be found at https://bolincreekunpaved.wordpress.com

ROLLYSaturday February 25 7:30-9:00pm
Rolly Gray Reggae& Caribbean Vibe! Live! Free!

Rolly Gray was raised in Speyside, Tobago and came to the U.S. in 1972. He has been performing all over the East Coast and Midwest. He was the first reggae musician to perform in Boston. His music carries the same loving Island Vibes as Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.

To here Rolly Gray’s music click here!

Sunday February 26 open 1pm-6pm


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