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The DEA has backed off their proposed banning of kratom so it is still legal for now, hopefully forever. Over 60 members of Congress signed a letter telling the DEA to backoff this remarkable plant.
You can drink it here ($5/drink) and to take home ($1-2/drink).

Evening events are free & no reservations needed but come early for great food and beverages! 

CROP CIRCLE TURINTuesday October 25 7:00-8:00pm

Crop Circles & Formations: Assistance for Our Transformation?

with author and Oasis founder Robert Roskind

In the last few decades thousands of crop formations have been appearing all over the world, with many appearing in southern England. Who are creating these and why? There are fake, human-made formations but the real ones are recognizable because: * There are no mistakes – none;
* There are no footprints or tire tracks though the ground is usually soft and wet;
* They are completed over a short summer night;
* The millions of flattened grain stalks are interwoven like baskets and are not crushed but rather molecularly bent and suspended a quarter inch above the ground;
* Many include complex mathematical, astrological and astronomical information.

12524170_10154142921843482_1546796762773161505_nWednesday October 26 7:00-8:30pm
Essential Oils 101 with Camille Varughese

Join Me, Camille, on a Journey of Health and Wellness by Using Therapeutic Grade A Essential Oils! Education is Key During these classes on How to Cultivate a Safe, Toxic-Free Environment for your Home, Family and Loved Ones (Including your Fury Friends!). Learn what Essential Oils have to offer you in Aiding your Health and Beauty while gaining knowledge on the Purity Different brands have. All are Welcome!

My name is Camille Varughese and I am an avid lover of Essential Oils! I stumbled upon them 4 years ago and had bad luck with a particular brand but I didn’t stop there! I have researched different brands, what they have to offer, and what Essential Oils can do for your body! With this knowledge I want to share my passion for all things wholesome and organic that can be done for the body to help aid your wellbeing. Click to Camille’s site

creating-inner-peace-low-res-web-oasis-flierThursday October 27 7-8:30 pm
Meditation, Teachings, and Q&A Experiences
With Suzette Faith Foster

Are you ready for an easier life, for more inner peace and to take your spiritual practice to the next level? If so, let Suzette be your guide and holder of sacred space for this transformation. Humanity is, individually and collectively, at a great crossroad. We are more powerful in numbers; so let’s create a path for peace and ease for us all to awaken more fully to the Truth of our Being. Meditation includes breathwork, toning, guided meditation, and divine transmissions through eye gazing in the silence, followed by a short teaching and Q&A. For full description of Suzette’s Meditation, also held in Raleigh on Tuesdays: http://www.choose2thrive.com/suzette-faith-fosters-meditation-experience
Visit her at her website: www.Choose2Thrive.com

JACKET 2  10-2015  B  FRONT lowSuzette Faith Foster, a speaker, author, healing facilitator, transformational coach, Golden-Orb Oneness Blessing Giver and inter-faith minister, is the owner of Choose 2 Thrive. She empowers others to move through life or health challenges and return to wellness. Her clients have avoided scheduled surgery, got off medicines, healed their pain, cancer, and addiction. Her own miraculous healing story featured in the nationally-released film I Hope You Dance is another testament that the body knows no boundaries.

Foster’s book Calling Back Your Power shares wisdom, stories, and tools to help the reader improve or even circumvent health and life challenges. The many personal and client stories bring these teachings to life—to inspire the reader to step into the truer, happier, and more prosperous version of themselves.

The book includes all the teachings, Truths and Beliefs that Foster embraced when she, like the late Christopher Reeve, became both paralyzed and stopped breathing. Foster helps the reader to create their own transformation—to put breath back into their life, undo indecision and move through challenges with intention and gratitude. A mother of two adult daughters, married to Bill Mosher, and living in Raleigh, she also enjoys yoga, biking, and hiking. Visit her at her website: www.Choose2Thrive.com

I_Am_documentary_2011_PosterFriday October 28 7:00-9:00pm
Movies-That-Matter/Spiritual Cinema

I AM is the story of a successful Hollywood director, Tom Shadyac (LIAR LIAR, NUTTY PROFESSOR, BRUCE ALMIGHTY), who experienced a life threatening head injury, and his ensuing journey to try and answer two very basic questions: What s wrong with our world? and What can we do about it?

With a film crew of four, Tom visits some of today s great minds, including authors, poets, teachers, religious leaders, and scientists (Howard Zinn, Lynn McTaggart, Desmond Tutu, Thom Harmann, Coleman Barks) searching for the fundamental endemic problem that causes all of the other problems, while simultaneously reflecting on this own life choices of excess, greed and eventual healing. We started by asking what s wrong wit the world, and ended up discovering what s right with it. Tom Shadyac

‘Amazing…’ –Ellen Degeneres

Everyone needs to see this film! –Bruce Cohen, Academy Award Winning Producer (American Beauty)

Entertaining and enlightening. The I AM Documentary is a spark of light and a work of love. –Marianne Williamson, New York Times Best Seller

Grace Picture 2010 2Saturday October 29 7:00-8:30pm
Satsang with Grace ~ Being in the Presence of Truth

Grace is a love-realized mystic, spiritual teacher and internationally known healer from Mt. Shasta, CA. An Essene minister, she has devoted her life to her healing ministry of Love; bringing awareness of our interconnectedness with all life and the sacredness of Being. Over the years she has touched the hearts and lives of people all over the world with her loving presence, deep wisdom, mystical poetry, and powerful healing energy. Please do come and experience…Grace.

An opportunity to hear Grace speak in an informal setting as well as meeting her personally. Experience the healing and spiritual radiance of one that has devoted her life to love and the awakening of consciousness in this world.

Sunday October 30 open 1-6pm
with great food and beverages and a relaxing vibe!

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Now serving organic Counter Culture Coffee (chosen #1 in Southeast, fresh-ground & French-pressed), kava, large selection of organic teas, smoothies and lemonade, gluten-free, a few vegetarian and vegan meals from Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe, veggie quiches from Whole Foods, personal no-GMOs Naan pizzas, organic North Coast beer, wine, gluten-free, vegan, raw and regular pastries and fine chocolates from Matthews Chocolates in Hillsborough. 

During the daytime hours, The Oasis operates as a traditional coffee/cafe/tea/wine lounge. Come alone or with friends and enjoy the relaxing environment. At night, The Oasis transforms into an environment of entertainment, connections and inspiration. On week nights, we host free presentations (7:00-8:00pm) on life-affirming topics (holistic health, environmental issues, indigenous wisdom, sustainability, etc.). On weekend nights we have Movies-That-Matter and live music. All our events are free. (The Oasis is also available to rent for presentations, meetings, workshops, parties, etc.)