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Our coffee, teas, smoothies, hot chocolates and chais, and our pastries from local bakers (some vegan, raw, gluten-free and organic) are incredible and made with the finest natural ingredients. Our healing botanicals include CBD, kratom and kava.

By law, no medical claims can be made regarding kratom, so all benefits discussed below are anecdotal and based only on user responses!

In April 2016, I introduced kratom, which has now become my best-selling item. It is the leaf of the kratom plant – dried and pulverized – that has been used for centuries in the Far East. Come in and try it if you feel guided. It is $5 for a good-tasting cup mixed with chocolate almond milk or orange juice or a $20 for a 1oz takeout which makes 12-20 drinks. Also we have great tasting kratom chocolate bars, and brownies. Kratom comes in four different strains (see info and chart below), each offering different assistance. Main drawbacks: upset stomach if you drink too much, red vein can make you drowsy, and, because it is so enjoyable, it can be habit-forming (but not addictive) like coffee, sugar, Facebook, Bob Marley’s music, etc.). See “To Consider” below.

Strains of Kratom:
Kratom is much more potent and versatile than kava. Its effects last 6-8 hours. It comes in 4 “strains” for various effects. RED – people say it is effective for pain killing, relaxation and help with insomnia; GREEN – people say it is effective for some pain killing, gentle stimulation, better concentration, and mood lifting; WHITE – people say it is effective for high energy, better productivity, alertness, and help with depression. Maeng Da (the working person’s kratom) – people say it is effective for major pain relief with productivity motivation and concentration qualities. All strains act as an appetite suppressant and mood elevators.


 Kava – the healthy, natural alternative to alcohol!Kava

Kava, a wondrous plant called “the root of happiness,” produces tranquility and relaxation without the side effects of alcohol. For centuries, it has been used in the South Pacific Islands, medicinally, ceremonially, and recreationally. Kava calms as well as focuses the mind and is often consumed for a peaceful ending to the day. The best effect of kava is simply the sociability as it makes you feel more comfortable and more talkative. Unlike some kava drinks, our Kona Kava is a good-tasting powder mix that comes is cocoa, banana/vanilla and tropical flavors and is mixed with coconut or almond milk with a dolop of whip cream.  We also carry kava paste, extract, and single-serving take-home packs. Avoid if breastfeeding or pregnant.


We have now added vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meal options to our menu.


We are now serving three vegetarian Tandoor Chef Naan Pizzas – the only authentic Naan pizza. They are delicious artisan pizzas – natural, hand-stretched and fired in a clay oven at 1,000 degrees – and only 440 calories. $6.00

Selections include:
* Margarita
* Cilantro Pesto
* Spinach & Paneer

They feature:
* Baked in a Tandoor Oven
* Fresh Buffalo Milk Mozzarella
* All Natural
* Microbial Rennet (suitable for vegetarians)
* No GMOs

We proudly serve several vegetarian quiches from Whole Foods $6.00

These include:
* Feta Spinach
* Mushroom/Swiss

Whole Food uses all natural ingredients and the are delicious!


Hot teaor iced
$3.50 for bottomless pot
$6.00 for bottomless pot for two
Matcha tea $4.00  Matcha Tea Latte $4.50
Zhi hand-selects and blends the finest organic loose-leaf teas direct from Asia. All 18 Zhi teas are hand picked and processed in small batches – fresh and flavorful. They specialize in oolong tea, and also carry organic green, white, black, and red tea.

As with our coffees, our teas are individually brewed upon your order and then brought to you table where they steep until the timer goes off. We use the finest organic tea, hot, iced, loose, and bag, from Zhi Tea, a homegrown Austin, Texas company comprised of a few die-hard tea freaks, lovers of fine foods, stewards of sustainable agriculture, and passionately dedicated to the human experience.Tea is the healthiest beverage in the world and beckons you to pause, reflect, and connect over your favorite oolong, white, black, red, or green tea – with yourself or with a friend. We also sell Zhi Teas by the ounce to take home!

Winner of The Southeast Brewers Cup for 2013 and 2014 

counter-culture-coffeeHot or iced  $3.50 17oz French-press pot  

All our hot coffee is served via manual French Press (used by all professional coffee tasters), which brings out the best in the beans. Each cup is made individually for you and takes four minute to properly brew. The press is then brought to your table where you pour when the sand runs out of the timer. We receive beans every week so your coffee is within a few days of roasting and we do not pre-grind but rather grind when you order.


$2.50 to $6.00

Our pastries (some gluten-free, vegan, raw, and organic from The Vegan Lover in Durham and Luna’s Living Kitchen in Charlotte and Raleigh) are incredible and made with the finest natural ingredients from several local bakers. Also, fine chocolates from Matthew’s Chocolates in Hillsborough.


{$4.75 regular/$5.95 organic}
100% pure fruit and vegetable smoothies from Dr. Smoothie. No additives, colorings or perservatives.

FRUIT: Strawberry * Mango * Banana * Blueberry/Banana * Pineapple
VEGGIE: Carrot-Orange Vegetable Medley * Butternut Squash and Mango Medley

FRAPPE: Mocha * Chocolate * Matcha Mint with Chocolate Chips
100% crushed fruit and vegetable smoothies with no added sugar, syrups or colors. One smoothie provides five daily servings of fruit and/or vegetables. Mix any flavors.

Organic Smoothies ($5.95): Pineapple * Strawberry * Mango * Strawberry/Banana

HOTHOT CHOCOLATE & CHAI {$3.00 17 oz. mug}

CHOCOLATE: Chocoholic’s Choice * Mexican Spiced Chocolate

CHAI: Original Creamy Chai * Ginger Spice * Chocolate Chai * Mocha Latte

Organic Hot Chocolate & Chai ($4.00): Hot Chocolate * Vanilla Latte * Mocha Latte

Flavorful, rich, creamy texture, made with prodigious amounts or real cocoa and chai. No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or hydrogenated oils,