Diff shoesSaturday April 1  7:30-9:00pm
Different Shoes LIVE! FREE!


Danielle Koppel and Berkeley Grimball sing duets, from classic Emmy Lou
Harris/ Gram Parsons numbers to Crosby Stills and Nash as well as many
originals. Both voices have tremendous range and power with a heart touching
blend whether at a whisper or a howl. Joined on vocals by Anne-Marie Gutierrez and on vocals and percussion by Robert Long.

 Sunday April 2 open 1-6pm
with great food and beverages and a relaxing vibe!

ken jungMonday April 3  7:00-8:30pm
Living with Your Inner Gods and Demons: C. G. Jung’s model of the psyche

A conversation with Kenneth Turner, PhD (board member of the Jung Society of the Triangle http://jungnc.org/) Carl Jung, arguably the most important psychologist of the last century, was first a younger colleague, later a rival of Sigmund Freud. In contrast to Freud’s materialistic model of our human nature, which sought to increase happiness by adjusting us to the demands of society, Jung had a more expanded view of humanity. He sought, not adjustment, but what he termed Individuation, the process of becoming who we were meant to be. He discovered, beyond the personal unconscious that Freud had worked with, a more extensive realm he called the Collective Unconscious – psychic contents and processes common to everybody, everywhere. In this inner world, he found all the myths and ideas of the world.
Our conversation will begin with a short introduction to Jung’s model of the psyche, followed by a description of simple practices anyone can use to explore for themselves whether this approach is useful in managing their own lives. Most of the evening is meant to be interactive, driven by questions and comments of the participants.
Kenneth Turner brings a variety of life experience to his work with people. He earned a PhD in Physics (Princeton, 1962), an MA in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology (University of West Georgia, 2007), and passed the National Counselors exam. He has been an astronomer, an administrator, a federal bureaucrat, an executive at a high tech start-up company, a college professor, an entrepreneur, and a psychotherapist. He has married, helped raise children (his own and others), lived abroad, been widowed twice, and retired. Kenneth holds certifications in the Body Centered Transformation work of Gay and Katlyn Hendricks, and in the Enneagram approach of Kathy Hurley and Theodorre Donson. He is an authorized facilitator for the Institute of Noetic Sciences Conscious Aging program and has been involved with Jungian psychology for more than forty years.

Steve 2Wednesday April 5 7:00-8:00pm
Do You Have Trouble Saying NO?   
with Steve Moore

  •   Ever have trouble saying a simple “no” to a request?
  •   Ever feel like you MUST have a legitimate reason for saying No?
  •   Ever get a mean case of the “guilts” when you even think of saying NO?
  •  Ever feel like you must deliver a long-winded explanation to justify saying NO?
  •  Ever hide-out from people so you don’t have to say NO?

You are not alone!  Come to this fascinating talk to learn the origins of this problem for many of us and some tips on how to handle it. This discussion could change the way you approach this lifelong issue.   Steve Moore, openly shares his expertise and his own struggles with this ominous issue.  Steve is able to make topics which baffle many of us fun!

Steve Moore, LCSW has been a psychotherapist for 30 years.  He has been helping individuals and couples move beyond the “stuck places” in their lives to a more full living experience.  He understands how difficult it can be to change a long term pattern and has compassion for people’s emotional pain.  He is an astute coach who helps people see how they sometimes get in their own way and also helps them get into creative action.  Steve brings both humor and humility to his work.  www.mooreconnection.com


Blue HeronThursday April 6 7:00-8:30pm
Poems from the Heron Clan IV

Poems from the heron Clan IV is a 270 page collection of the very well known and the just-discovered poets. Many live in the Carrboro area, so we will celebrate this book at Oasis.

Local poets contained include: Earl Carlton Huband, Joanna Davidson, Preston Martin, Priscilla Webster-Williams,Bruce Lader, Arnie Johanson, Elizabeth Mihaly Millar, Murry Handler,Cordelia Hanneman,Bartholemew Barker, Joanna P. Carey, Doug Stuber, J. Delaney Watson, and Elio Soldi.

what-on-earth-inside-the-crop-circle-mystery-dvd-5982bb4eb2063544783a6f3f5937c656Friday April 7  7:00-8:30pm
Movies-That-Matter/Spiritual Singles
What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery 

Take a ride with filmmaker, Suzanne Taylor, a producer of events and projects to evoke a more cooperative worldview, as she engages a fascinating subculture of artists, educators, geometers, philosophers, and farmers who are enthralled by the mystery of crop circles. For twenty years, Taylor was part of a lively international community that gathered in England every summer to study and document circle developments. In the film, shot in Celtic territory in England, where the circles proliferate, person after person attests to what conventional reality says cannot be so as they urge open-mindedness to finding there is a real phenomenon, where, hoaxes aside, crop circles are not being made by us.

“What on Earth?” Is filled with stunning imagery of the circles, and tells their history, going from when they were a worldwide fascination to where our scientific materialistic worldview has closed people’s minds to one of the great mysteries of our time. Evidence is presented that challenges the idea that all the glyphs are made by people, and the motives of hoaxers, who make a fair number of the formations, is a subject for conversation. And it speculates about how knowing the circles come from other intelligence would help us think as a planet and give us our best chance to solve the global problems that challenge us now. If we knew there was other intelligence, we would be one humanity in relation to “the other,” and, as someone in the movie says, “That could be what saves this civilization.

Plin&KenSaturday April 8  7:30-9:00pm
Ken Wilson & Pline

Spirit of Ngoma – Dance to Drum Rhythms from the Congo River Basin with Pline Mounzeo of Brazzaville, Congo (when Pline and Ken played at Oasis in January, it was AWESOME!! Packed house, everyone dancing, joyous!!)

Ngo – strength of the panther* Ma – given * Ngoma – a drum or a spiritual ceremony to help people work with difficult issues, a healing ritual as in “doing ngoma”Join Pline Mounzeo and Ken Wilson by dancing together and supporting each other – to heal and work with your difficult issues.

They provide the music; you provide the dance; everyone along with the whole universe creates the spirit. Pline’s home, the Congo River Basin around Kinshasa and Brazzaville, is the musical epicenter for the great Ngoma healing tradition of Central and Southern Africa. Though we once referred to it as “the heart of darkness”, we now respect this extraordinary rain forest, its people, its possession mediums and the drums of Congo.Pline is a world class drummer from Brazzaville; Ken has played and loved these rhythms for 35 years. They will be joined by other drummers experienced in this tradition to cradle you in energy.


Sunday April 9 open 1-6pm
with great food and beverages and a relaxing vibe!


SueAnne_SmMonday April 10  7:00-8:00pm
The Sacred Mayan Calendar and the Twenty NAWALES, or Divine Energiewith Sue-Anne Solem

I have been studying the Mayan T’ZOLKIN (sacred spiritual calendar) for the last several years, and practicing a devotional form that is in alignment with both the Mayan calendar and Sufi wisdom. I now have a body of work that includes reflections, stories, prayers, songs, body prayers, breath practices, poems and suggested meditations that I hope to share soon. In the meantime, I am offering an evening presentation about the sacred Mayan calendar and the twenty NAWALES, or Divine Energies that we can align with to help us move through these difficult, changing times.

I have studied in San Pedro, Guatemala, and have experienced powerful Mayan ceremonies in both San Juan and San Pedro, on beautiful Lake Atitlan, surrounded by three volcanoes. I spent the day in ceremony to celebrate the beginning of the new KATUN (5,260 day period) which began on December 21, 2012. The Mayan people who have continued with the ancient ways have waited eagerly for this day for a very long time, since it is predicted to be a new KATUN in which male and female energies will be balanced, unlike the previous ones. The Maya now want their ancient wisdom to be shared, and not kept secret anymore. I feel blessed to be able to share some of this with you. Thirteen Thank Yous, Sweet Honey in the Heart!


BARBARA LYNNTuesday April 11 7:00-8:30pm
Healing Ourselves ~ Healing the Planet meditation.
with Barbara-Lynn Freed

Before we heal the Planet we need to first heal ourselves. Come join us in creating Sacred Space with the Guardians of the Directions, (Divine Beings that all ancient and indigenous peoples worked with), to receive healing energies and messages that will enliven your spirit and help you embrace your own heart’s wisdom. After briefly sharing of our experiences we will sit in meditation bringing Light and Love to Mother Earth and All Our Relations.

Barbara-Lynn Freed is a mystic, spiritual healer and teacher who believes in a holistic approach to life, and has a love for helping people understand the mysteries and challenges in their lives. Her 30-year eclectic background includes a four-year apprenticeship in Native American spirituality and healing, and independent studies in Women’s Mysteries, Archeo-Astronomy, the Mystical Branches of the World’s Major Religions, plus a cross-cultural study of ancient and indigenous people’s perception of the land, space, and time.

In 1992 she founded “Awakening the Heart!” spiritual healing practice, was ordained as an Alliance of Divine Love, interfaith Minister in 1993, and has practiced as a professional astrologer since 1980. After a year of spiritual retreat in 2009, she developed a cross-cultural, shamanic apprenticeship entitled: Resurrecting the Old Ways: Walking the Land and Honoring the Spirits in Right Relationship. http://TransformationalStudies.com

DSC_0153Wednesday April 12  7:00-8:00pm
Susan Freeman

When Joseph B. and Louisa Rhine joined the newly founded Duke University in 1927, the field of investigation into psychic phenomena was known as psychical research. In 1995, the center was renamed the Rhine Research Center, and today it continues to follow the original mission in its attempt to produce original research and explore the nature of human consciousness. (www.rhine.org)

J.B. Rhine began investigating psychic or psi abilities for which he used the term extrasensory perception (ESP). Three main categories of ESP are:

Telepathy – mind to mind communication through a means other than the normal senses   Clairvoyance or Remote Viewing – knowledge of objects, people, or events that are hidden via space or time.
Precognition – knowledge of an event that has not yet occurred, or information that appears to be transferred from the future into the present.

Join Susan Freeman from the Rhine Research center for a fun and informative evening to learn about your own ESP abilities! We will use the historic Zener cards from the early test methods and the current popular Remote viewing. www.rhine.org

KEZIA2Thursday April 13 7:00-8:00pm
Welcoming Change and Releasing Fear
with Kezia Renee Lechner
Reiki Master and Intuitive Life Coach

I don’t need to tell you that we are living in a time of unprecedented change. All of us are now traversing terrain quite unlike anything we have ever experienced before and we all feel it. It requires great faith, courage, and humor too, when one can muster it.

Finding ways to ground oneself right now feels especially important, and being kind and compassionate to oneself is important too, as personal and collective fears are strongly arising, calling out to be healed and released.

Come join me and experience an evening of hands-on healing. If there is a small group, I will offer short individual healing sessions. If the group is larger I will work with as many people as I am able. Each month’s presentation is unique and a very safe, special and sacred healing space is created. All are welcome, whether or not you with to receive energy work, or simply wish to witness !

Kezia Renee Lechner recently moved to this area from Philadelphia.She offers private sessions and hosts a monthly, sliding scale Healing Clinic in Chapel Hill. Formerly a professional artist, she was a member of a National Artist’s Coaching Community for over a decade. Drawn to the Healing Arts, she became a Reiki Master in 1999, explored a number of other healing modalities and soon after established her own practice.

Over the years, as her sensitivity to energy and her intuitive abilities grew, she began to combine Intuitive Life Coaching with Reiki/Energy Healing, a blend she finds highly powerful and effective in helping clients move forward in their lives. To learn more about Kezia visit www.HeartofaHealer.com or contact her at 919 929 8749 – keziarenee@gmail.com

Saturday April 15  7:30-9:00pm
Slow Down For Poetry

We sing folk/soul/singer-songwriter songs in 3 part harmony, with acoustic guitar and some other music makers (tambourine, shakers etc). We like to think we have a soulful, heart-opening sound. We’re on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/slowdownforpoetry/
JeannieWednesday April 19 7:00-8:00pm
You Are Psychic mini-workshop
with Jeannie S. Whyte

What would you say if you could experience your own psychic and intuitive insights at-will? That’s exactly what you will do at this exciting presentation by Jeannie S. Whyte. She has taken 40 years of experience and created proven and safe techniques that jump-start your psychic skills.

Through this interactive demonstration, you will learn from this amazingly talented psychic and spiritual teacher. What you will learn are experiential practices to jump-start your intuitive and psychic abilities.

Intuition is your wise teacher and inner GPS. Once you switch it on naturally, you know the truth in any situation. So come out discover how your intuitive insights show up for you.

Jeannie is also a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience. She has been on her spiritual journey for 40 years. Her spiritual journey began at the age of 28 when she began hearing an insistent message, which kept asking her to find out what she came here to do. This message also propelled her into studying a diversity of religions and reading thousands of books. Her endless curiosity led her to topics ranging from metaphysics to science, to self-help and consciousness. Jeannie’s first experience with sensing other presences happened in 1979 – after many months of dedicated meditation and inner work. She found that she could not only communicate with those in spirit but also with the realms of the Ascended Masters and other Light beings.

Since that time, Jeannie has dedicated herself to building a coherent system that includes classes in intuitive development and mediumship, channeling messages from the Ascended Masters and empowering others to access their intuitive gifts. Today’s Jeannie’s classes, workshops and services offer definitive proof that she’s figured out what she came here to do!

Messages form the Other Side and Q&A: For a full description of Jeannie’s workshops, classes, and other services, visit her website at: http://WhyteLightCenter.com/Services

Classes, etc. are held in Raleigh and may also be accessed on-line.

_DSC1679Saturday April 22  7:30-9:00pm
Rory Jagdeo Live! Free!

Rory was born in Guyana and now living in Carrboro, NC. Played harmonica for the Unitarian Blues band “The blUUnotes” and currently performs as a solo musician – playing cover songs of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bee Gees, and original stuff. Recorded three solo albums and will be performing songs from his latest album “Coming Home” released in 2016.

“Rory is a breath of fresh air in today’s music scene…his musical influences are quite diverse, so no matter what style of music you might prefer, you’ll find something on this album that will move you!” Jinelle Boyd -My Texas Music
Rory’s music can be found at:
For more information, go to: http://roryjagdeo.bandzoogle.com

Sunday April 23 open 1-6pm
with great food and beverages and a relaxing vibe!

creating-inner-peace-low-res-web-oasis-flierThursday April 27  7-8:30 pm
Meditation, Teachings, and Q&A Experiences
With Suzette Faith Foster

Are you ready for an easier life, for more inner peace and to take your spiritual practice to the next level? If so, let Suzette be your guide and holder of sacred space for this transformation. Humanity is, individually and collectively, at a great crossroad. We are more powerful in numbers; so let’s create a path for peace and ease for us all to awaken more fully to the Truth of our Being. Meditation includes breathwork, toning, guided meditation, and divine transmissions through eye gazing in the silence, followed by a short teaching and Q&A. For full description of Suzette’s Meditation, also held in Raleigh on Tuesdays: http://www.choose2thrive.com/suzette-faith-fosters-meditation-experience
Visit her at her website: www.Choose2Thrive.com

JACKET 2  10-2015  B  FRONT lowSuzette Faith Foster, a speaker, author, healing facilitator, transformational coach, Golden-Orb Oneness Blessing Giver and inter-faith minister, is the owner of Choose 2 Thrive. She empowers others to move through life or health challenges and return to wellness. Her clients have avoided scheduled surgery, got off medicines, healed their pain, cancer, and addiction. Her own miraculous healing story featured in the nationally-released film I Hope You Dance is another testament that the body knows no boundaries.

Foster’s book Calling Back Your Power shares wisdom, stories, and tools to help the reader improve or even circumvent health and life challenges. The many personal and client stories bring these teachings to life—to inspire the reader to step into the truer, happier, and more prosperous version of themselves.

The book includes all the teachings, Truths and Beliefs that Foster embraced when she, like the late Christopher Reeve, became both paralyzed and stopped breathing. Foster helps the reader to create their own transformation—to put breath back into their life, undo indecision and move through challenges with intention and gratitude. A mother of two adult daughters, married to Bill Mosher, and living in Raleigh, she also enjoys yoga, biking, and hiking. Visit her at her website: www.Choose2Thrive.com
samadhi-oasisSaturday April 28 7:30-9:00pm

Samadhi is a soulful kirtan band based in North Carolina. Although the term kirtan is originally from India, we celebrate traditions from around the world that foster community gatherings centered around devotional call and response singing. Kirtan transforms the spirit, bringing us together, unifying our hearts and voices, sharing in the spirit. Because kirtan requires participation, WE NEED YOU! Our music is as diverse as our band, and with influences that include jazz, gospel, indie, rock n’roll, and soul, our chants range from moments of sweet intimacy to resounding expressions of the heart. Our members include Krishna Nama, Prema, Rangadevi, Steve, Kat, Julian, Courtney & Vikram. www.samadhikirtan.com

Sunday April 30 open 1-6pm
with great food and beverages and a relaxing vibe!

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