anita new1Monday March 19 7:00-8:00pm

Self-Love Workshop with Anita Woodley

You are worthy of receiving the ultimate love in this lifetime and only you can provide it.
Anita Woodley will share how to increase love for yourself through self-forgiveness.
Develop the willingness to let go what is no longer supporting your personal expansion.
I f you are willing, p ast decisions, experiences and hurts will be released at this workshop. All ages are encouraged and invited to attend.
Anita Woodley tours America and abroad modeling what freedom gained from self-love looks like. She works full-time as a Creative Health Education Speaker and Educational Entertainer, who specializes in teaching effective forgiveness techniques, as well as transformative social and life skills within community, K-12, college and corporate groups. Anita has earned ​an Emmy® award, and is the recipient of numerous awards for her work as a storyteller, former producer for CNN and WUNC-FM’s The Story with Dick Gordon, actress, poet, mixed-media folk artist, baker and playwright. In 2017, Anita was named both Arts & Culture Woman of the Year by Spectacular Magazine, and the Health Equity Impact Community Member of the Year by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health & Health Disparities. To date, Anita Woodley has written and performed ten solo theatrical productions, including critically-acclaimed Mama Juggs: Breast Cancer Awareness Show, Bucking The Medical and mental Bull: The Black Male Experience in the American Health Care System, and The Men in Me: Urban Male Issues Exposed. Anita Woodley is also a Tikar Village African named “Princess Bekang” of the chiefdom of N’ditam, Cameroon.

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Tuesday, March 20 from 7:00-9:00pm.
Poetry of the Soul: Using Creative Writing & the Moon for Emotional Healing
with Katy Ibur

While most of us know our basic sign in astrology (the sun sign), many of us do not realize that there is more to our personality and astrological make-up than just one sign. The astrological moon sign governs our emotions–how we react and process emotions, in addition to how we feel most creatively satisfied and a sense of inner fulfillment. Creative writing pulls emotions to the surface–we connect more readily to themes that ring true to us on an emotional, soul level and express this connection through written word. This is why writing is an excellent tool for shedding light on emotional tendencies ready to be released, and for cultivating new emotional patterns that set us up for success.

In this workshop, we will spend the first part of the session learning about the moon sign. What is your moon sign and what does that mean for your emotions? What are some detrimental and beneficial expressions of the moon sign in relation to your emotions? We will then spend some time writing with prompts to explore and bring about more emotional awareness. Everyone will have the opportunity to share what was written and/or learned from the experience. We will end with intention setting and a sense of renewed emotional clarity.

Katy Ibur is an astrologer, dream coach and metaphysical advisor. She is passionate about using astrology and dream work to enhance Self understanding and Self healing (especially the emotions). She is originally from St. Louis and just moved to the Carrboro area this past summer! In St. Louis, she was involved for 7 years in the Gifted Writer’s Project, where she blossomed her passion for creative writing.


Wednesday March 21    7:00-8:00pm
Tuning Your BioField


“It’s your amazing journey and I am a cooperative component in service to your Highest Self and Highest Good.”


Born Doncella, my spiritual community calls me Vibrance Heartfelt. As a self-actualized spiritual healer (20+ years), I am so happy to offer information, demonstrations and personal stories about BioField Tuning.

Audible frequencies are beneficial for balancing the nervous system, relaxing the muscles and soft tissues. With the use of tuning forks, I also tune into my clairaudient (clear hearing) and my clairsentience (clear feeling) to work directly with you and your BioField (energetic field) to help clear energetic blocks, patterns of limiting beliefs, and other energetic disharmonies and imbalances, within your BioField.

Your BioField stores information related to different emotions, relationships, and events located in various time periods. The chronology of the field is like the rings in a tree that reflect the history of the individual, with birth starting on the outer edge of the field and moving in to the current age.

This simple and non-invasive method of BioField Tuning can produce profound and powerful outcomes, relieving physical trauma or injury and emotional effects of stress and  emotional imbalance. It promotes relaxation and reducing anxiety, improving sleep, reduces brain fog, giving the recipient a great sense of well-being. People of all ages can benefit from these with every session. Contact: (919) 929-5702


Thursday March 22  7:00-8:00pm

The Boy Who Became A Scientist: The Clock with Kevin Morgan


It was raining the day the boy was born. Raining incendiary bombs, dropped by nazi planes during World War II. He became one of the many boys playing on the bomb-sites of Britain. There was a clock. It was sitting on a high mantelpiece, jutting out into space, four floors above the remains of a stricken row house. The bomb-site was like a missing tooth, in an otherwise healthy smile. The adjacent houses appeared unimpressed by the complete destruction of their neighbor.

Boys would try to knock that old time-piece down, by throwing stones. Even when they used homemade catapults, it remained steadfast. The boy thought, “I expect it’s still showing the time when the building fell down.” He never did consider it wise to hurl rocks up there. Being unable to climb up to see the time on that mysterious memento of times long past, he would dream of flying there instead.

He’d always wanted to fly. Not with a machine. Just by using mind control. He still tries to think his body off the ground, from time-to-time. Even yesterday he attempted it for several minutes, and he’s well beyond his allotted three score years and ten. Having spent many years studying physics, the boy is well aware that unaided flight isn’t possible. He’s old enough to know better. Fortunately, the boy refuses to know better.

You can laugh at an old man’s folly, but one day you might see him skimming across the treetops. Then you’ll wish you’d tried to master flight, before it was too late. In his boyhood dreams, he would float up to that high ledge. Placing his ear close to the clock face, he would note that the time never changed. Twenty-two minutes passed four. Morning or afternoon he had no idea. On each visit, the boy would hear a faint tick, tock, tick, tock. The clock was waiting for it’s owners to return, and wind it up with that rusty brass key. From time-to-time, the boy would search for that key amongst the rubble.

Dr. Kevin Morgan is a veterinarian, research scientist, triathlete and storyteller. He is in his mid-70s, and wants to keep you moving into your Golden Years. He lives life to the full, on a diet of exercise, meditation, plant-based foods (not for everyone, he knows!), reading, writing, enjoying family, friends, and a number of animal companions (two dogs, Willbe and Scooter, a cat, Cat, nine zebra fish, there were only two, and two snails, to clean the tank). He also finds peace of mind and good food in his organic vegetable garden. Dr. Morgan encourages you to enjoy your later years, by adapting to the inevitable changes of aging.

His background in veterinary medicine, extensive research on the Biochemistry of the body’s energy systems, combined with a wide range of sports and body-movement training, from water polo to Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee Martial Arts Style), and Yoga to Feldenkrais, respectively, allows him to continue to enjoy grueling endurance races, with aortic disease. As of this writing, he is the only person in the world to complete a full Ironman with an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) stent graft. Furthermore, his studies of the mechanics of running led to his overcoming three knee surgeries to qualify for the Boston Marathon, in his late 60s. This experience, and a love of life, resulted in Dr. Morgan leaving a successful scientific research career to start a business, Old Dogs in Training, LLC. He says, “Forty years in research is surely enough.” The mission of Old Dogs in Training, LLC., is to encourage active healthy aging through body-awareness. Such training will help you to avoid, or repair, exercise-induced strains, sprains and injuries. He wants older people to improve their movement skills, by bringing them into the light of consciousness. For an enjoyable retirement. You will find over 1,000 articles about his journey on his blog, AthleteWithStent.Com. Dr. Morgan provides you with tools you will need to prepare for the interesting challenges of aging.


The Thoughtful Toxicologist

Prepare for Aging

Eat Less Meat


betseynewSunday March 25  6:30-8:00pm

VIDEO & DISCUSSION NIGHT ~ 2nd Sunday of each month

We are not just experiencing a climate emergency marked by increasingly extreme and expensive weather events; we are in the beginnings of a necessary civilization re-boot.

The consciousness that we are all separate individuals and some people can flourish while billions flounder is not true in a globalized world. We are One Humanity and we sink or swim together.

Each session we show a different climate video and discuss a range of important issues involved and options to address them, both individually and collectively.

Join us for this important discussion!! Bring your comments, questions and ideas. Free! Open to all!

For detailed information of what the specific video will be shown, see Information will be posted one week prior to the event.


Monday March 26 7:00-7:45pm

Staying Awake in an Awakening World

with Oasis founder Robert Roskind,
author of A Guide for an Awakening Planet

Has your spiritual journey just begun? Are you years, perhaps decades, down the path? No matter where we are in our path to awakening to our true divine nature, staying in a state of remembrance – staying awake – is a challenge, especially since so many of our brothers and sisters remain sleeping to this reality – as we once did. Join us for an evening as we discuss the challenges and joys of staying awake in an awakening world.

Robert Roskind is the author of twelve books including Rasta Heart: A Journey into One Love, The Beauty Path: A Native American Journey into One Love, The Gathering of the Healers, In the Spirit of Marriage and In the Spirit of Business. He is also the producer of a record-breaking PBS series and the organizer of over 200 One Love Events in the U.S. and Jamaica. He lives in Carrboro and operates the Oasis.

Tuesday March 27  7:00-8:00pm
Sue-Anne Solem


Thursday March 29  7:00-8:00pm

Self love is such a key factor in determining the quality of one’s life. But how many of us got to feel as children that we weren’t good enough, smart enough, that we were essentially flawed and lacking in some way? How many of us still carry vestiges of shame and self blame for things which were never our fault? How many of us still view ourselves through the narrow lens of how we were seen as children, blind to the truth of our own uniqueness, the truth of our own magnificence?

Come enjoy an experiential evening of Intuitive Life Coaching and hands on Energy Healing. If the group is small, I will provide short individual sessions for each person. If the group is large, I will work with as many people as I’m able. You will leave feeling lighter, less burdened and more connected to your own true nature, your own true beauty, to your own true essential self.

Kezia Renee Lechner moved to this area from Philadelphia. She offers private sessions and hosts a monthly, sliding scale Healing Clinic in Chapel Hill. Formerly a professional artist, she was a member of a National Artist’s Coaching Community for over a decade. Drawn to the Healing Arts, she became a Reiki Master in 1999, explored a number of other healing modalities and soon after established her own practice.
Over the years, as her sensitivity to energy and her intuitive abilities grew, she began to combine Intuitive Life Coaching with Reiki/Energy Healing, a blend she finds highly powerful and effective in helping clients move forward in their lives.

To learn more about Kezia visit  –  or contact her at  919 929 8749  –