samadhi-oasisSaturday August 17

Samadhi is a soulful kirtan band based in North Carolina. Although the term kirtan is originally from India, we celebrate traditions from around the world that foster community gatherings centered around devotional call and response singing. Kirtan transforms the spirit, bringing us together, unifying our hearts and voices, sharing in the spirit. Because kirtan requires participation, WE NEED YOU! Our music is as diverse as our band, and with influences that include jazz, gospel, indie, rock n’roll, and soul, our chants range from moments of sweet intimacy to resounding expressions of the heart. Our members include Krishna Nama, Prema, Rangadevi, Steve, Kat, Julian, Courtney & Vikram.


August 18  7:00-8:30
Oasis Ted Talk & Conversations – open to all Hosted by Joesph Keasler
On the third Sunday of the month, we will be hosting Ted Talks & Conversation

Will gather at Oasis coffee shop in Carrboro to watch 2-3 TED Talks and have some  reflective conversations about the ideas in each talk. You are invited to arrive between 6:30 – 7:00 and get a drink. The plan is to start the first video by 7:00 pm.

Some questions will consider:
* What did you learn?
* Did anything in the talk change your mind?
* Does it resonate with you?
* Does it inspire you to take action?

Some ground rules:
Approach the conversation as a listener first. If you consider yourself to be extroverted, then consider first listening to those who may not so quickly volunteer their thoughts and, after hearing someone new, then volunteer your own thoughts! This creates more equal space for each of our unique perspectives and thoughts. If you consider yourself to be introverted, embrace this as an opportunity to speak first!

Let us know if you have favorite Ted Talk for us to consider.

Wednesday August 21  7:00-9:00pm
Never Dead Poets Society
(3rd Wednesday of every month, 7:00pm – 9:00pm)

John Keats (1795 – 1821), a poet, from the English Romantic Era was a main figure of the second generation of Romantic poets. He famously stated, “The poetry of the earth is never dead”.

My name is Rose Fields, I’m 27 years old and from the small town of Pikeville, here in NC. I lacked stability in my childhood and supplemented with reading and writing. Falling in love with poetry at a young age, I turned to it to connect and express. In return poetry allowed me to channel my feelings and redirect them in a healthy way. Poetry is a peaceful outlet for self-expression, in addition to, the processing of emotions. I often say, to write a poem is to have a conversation with one’s intrinsic, otherwise-neglected self. I wanted to create a safe place for young people to connect with one another and process through the more convoluted aspects of life. Thus, the Never Dead Poets Society was born! Whether you are a writer, a listener, or a reader, you are welcome to come join this group!

 A typical meeting consists of reading, writing, and creating a prompt for the future meeting. This keeps all involved writing and processing through a collection of topics decided on and discussed throughout each meeting. Our group is not full of writers by trade, though we do have a few accomplished writers in the group. I, myself am a science major…if that helps you to feel more comfortable with your background. Everyone has the ability to write poetry! Although this group is centered on the collaborative experiences of young adults, anyone can come and participate! Please feel free to contact me with the email provided below with any further questions. Email: charleyfields.chapelhill@gmail.com


Thursday August 22 7:00-8:00pm

Living an Inspired & Mystical Life

with Oasis founder Robert Roskind, author of A Guide for an Awakening Planet

It so easy to lapse into leading a mundane life full of all the details modern life seems to demand of us. However, living an ispired life is simple (but simple is not always easy). Just use unconditional love for all as your homing beacon. In essence, just claim your Divinely-given, and pre-incarnated acceptance of, your assignment as a teacher of love. Then determine your greatest gifts (music, writing, child-rearing, counseling, painting, caring for the elderly, etc.) and use these to most effectively undertake your assignment.



Robert Roskind is the author of twelve books including Rasta Heart: A Journey into One Love, The Beauty Path: A Native American Journey into One Love, The Gathering of the Healers, In the Spirit of Marriage and In the Spirit of Business. He is also the producer of a record-breaking PBS series and the organizer of over 200 One Love Events in the U.S. and Jamaica. He lives in Carrboro and operates the Oasis.


Sunday August 24 6:30-8:30pm

VIDEO & DISCUSSION NIGHT ~ 2nd Sunday of each month, 6:30-8:30pm

We are at a crossroads in our history. We are on the precipice of destroying our habitat, the very earth that gives us sustenance and supports life. Our multiple challenges of climate change, deforestation, overgrazing, fisheries collapse, food insecurity, and the rapid extinction of species are all part of a single, over-arching problem: Humanity has overshot the carrying capacity of the Earth.

Join with others willing to honestly face our situation and have the most important discussion of our lives: how we pull out of our ecological nosedive and transition to a life-affirming global culture, an earth community of sustainability, justice, and peace!

We show a different video each session and discuss a range of important issues and options to address them. For detailed information on each session, see https://betseydowning.com/upcoming-events/ . Information will be posted 5-6 days prior to the event.

PRACTICES AND ACTIONS TO CREATE RESILIENCE ~ 4th Sunday of each month, 6:30-8:00pm

In these sessions we focus on creating resilience, both individually and in community. It includes personal practices such as deep breathing and meditation to calm and center ourselves, as well as actions we can take in our communities to adapt to the coming changes brought on by climate destabilization. Bring your comments, questions, ideas, and friends! Free! Open to all!  Presented by the Citizens Climate Collaborative: Betsey Downing, Tana Hartman Thorn, Dirk Kelder, and Jim Sander.



BEAUTY_PATH_NEW_267x360Wednesday August 28  7:00-8:00pm
Infusing Native American Wisdom in Our Daily Lives
with Oasis founder Roberrt Roskind author of The Beauty Path, A Native American Journey Into One Love

Until they were invaded by European conquerors, all Native American societies were based on three truths – we are all One with our Creator, one with our brothers and sisters, and one with the Earth. From this mindset they created societies that brought out the best in humanity. They were co-operative and love-based. The mindset of the conquerors – a mindset that now dominates the planet – is the opposite and based on three lies – we are separate from our Creator, from all our brothers and sisters and from the Earth. This world perspective brings out the worst in us as leads to the fractured world we have been sent here to heal through our love. As we heal this misconception within our own minds and hearts, our lives enter a mystical stream of energy that is the inheritance of every human – lovingly given to us by the Great Spirit.

ME REDWOODSRobert Roskind is the author of twelve books including Rasta Heart: A Journey into One Love, The Beauty Path: A Native American Journey into One Love, The Gathering of the Healers, In the Spirit of Marriage and In the Spirit of Business. He is also the producer of a record-breaking PBS series and the organizer of over 200 One Love Events in the U.S. and Jamaica. He has worked closely with Hopi, Havasupai and Mayan Elders. He lives in Carrboro and operates the Oasis.



Now serving organic Counter Culture Coffee (chosen #1 in Southeast, fresh-ground & French-pressed), kratom, kava, CBD products, drinks and edibles, large selection of organic teas, smoothies, gluten-free, vegan and regular pastries and chocolates. 

During the daytime hours, The Oasis operates as a traditional coffee/cafe/tea/wine lounge. Come alone or with friends and enjoy the relaxing environment. At night, The Oasis transforms into an environment of entertainment, connections and inspiration. On week nights, we host free presentations (7:00-8:00pm) on life-affirming topics (holistic health, environmental issues, indigenous wisdom, sustainability, etc.). On weekend nights we have Movies-That-Matter and live music. All our events are free. (The Oasis is also available to rent for presentations, meetings, workshops, parties, etc.)