Awaiting the Global Rosa Park Event

This is so much bigger than another election cycle. This planet is entering into a love-based reality but how painful this birth will be is still up to us. This 5000-year-old exploiting, warring, totally unconscious system (Babylon) is falling, desperately trying to maintain its power even after it’s insane reality has been finally exposed for all to see.

Over the millennia, it has been forced to cede power and it always happens the same. A small group of committed people say, “It’s been like this a long time (kings, slavery, women not voting, English ruling India, civil rights, apartheid, etc.) but it does not have to continue no matter how much others believe it cannot be changed.” And they devote themselves to getting more and more people to hold that vision until a tipping point is reached and the old system crumbles.

In the past, this changes has taken centuries, then decades. Now because of the global consciousness of the Internet and the fact that this is a global collapse of this insane system, it is taking years, at times months. Maybe soon things might change in days, even hours. Bernie is exposing the system while reminding us “Enough is Enough.” The country, the planet is awakening. He is doing his Divinely-given assignment, as are many others. We are heading towards the global tipping point. We are heading HOME!

The old-paradigm fear-based world is collapsing while a new-paradigm love-based world is rising. The collapse is getting much media attention while the rise is getting only a little on alternative outlets. Most now sense the collapse but to really be plugged into this new world rising you need to be involved in its birth in it in whatever way you feel guided. Then you are connected to your own personal tribe of helpers and you will see this birth everywhere, everyday. A “global Rosa Parks moment” is coming!


It is now quite apparent that for most of this country’s history we have been an oligarchy cleverly disguised as a democracy. Both parties played their roles – as did almost all of our elected officials – in this long-running national deception. That is until Bernie Sanders entered.

One uncorrupted individual caused the veil to be pulled back and the Wizard of Oz stood blinking in the light. He was not the only nor the first one to expose this darkness, nor will he be the last but he – like Gandhi, MLK, Jr, Tutu, Mandela – has carried out his assignment with character and integrity.

Just the mere fact that – finally – in this presidential cycle, the oligarchy has lost their cover and they have lost control of the message, is an indication that this insane, dark system is weak and unraveling. Their usual machinations now appear transparent, desperate and ineffective. Their world – after 5000 painful years – is collapsing.

Our planet awakens – sensing, believing, knowing a better world is possible. And in this new awareness, we will create it. It will not be easy or painless but Universal law of free will dictates that we had to create it in our hearts and minds first before it could manifest in the physical form. It IS manifesting.

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