Bernie & Our Transition to Love

To some degree, many people are revealing themselves according to who they support as a candidate. This is definitely true for public personalities like newspeople, business heads, and politicians (i.e., George Clooney, Gloria Steinem, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, etc.) but it also is somewhat true for all of us. As I see it:
Trump is fear-based, arrogant, egotistical, victim-thinking, motivated by (or just espousing) misguided anger, racial prejudice, and deep insecurities.
Clinton is self-centered, pessimistic, cynical. defending the status-quo, concerned mostly for her own financial status, fearful and/or cynical of real change, wedded to corporations and big donors.
Bernie is love-based, other-centered, humanitarian, and optimistic, believes in a better world, aware of the corruption within the system as a whole, idealistic, and sensing a new world is dawning.

At this point, Bernie is operating at the same level as other great teachers of love like MLK, Jr, Gandhi, Tutu, Mandela, Mohammed Ali, Bob Marley, etc. He is courageously confronting the corrupt power structure that has operated as best it could below the surface using lies, smoke and mirrors, compromised press, etc.

Just as the water hoses and dogs used in the South against the civil rights protesters, the guns and police forces used against those protesting English rule in India or apartheid in South Africa, revealed the ugly face of what lay below, so is the political parties’ and mainstream press’s reaction to Bernie love-based candidacy revealing the truth about them. However, it cannot be healed until it is fully revealed and that is happening quickly and fully.

MLK, Jr. once said that Bull Connor, the vicious Commissioner of Public Safety for the city of Birmingham who turned the dogs and hoses loose on peaceful demonstrators, was the movement’s best PR as it further exposed the insanity he was trying to heal. In much the same way, this movement’s best PR is the constant ignoring or diminishing of Bernie by the mainstream media and the Democratic Party and outburst like Barbara Boxer and her rant at the in Nevada Democratic Convention. Much more is yet to be revealed.

But let us remember also that Dr. King said, as he bravely confronted power with truth, “It is love that will save our world and our civilization, love even for enemies.” He understood that the hateful, misguided people he confronted daily were formed that way by a sick, misguided society that had warped their basic human nature. He understood that their movement was also fighting to “save their damaged souls” and the nation at large. And the success of this movement, which is truly global in it’s scope, will follow in the same manner as those mentioned above because people and the planet are awakening to love. It is the “Amen” of the Universe.

Imagine for a moment if Bernie Sanders was NOT running. Or if he was, and his support was lukewarm, his candidacy laughable. Imagine if our only choices were from within the corrupted establishment, only the arrogant, fear-mongering Trump or the fully corrupted Clinton – both misguided, lost souls who have no idea of why they have incarnated on this planet (to teach and learn love).
The fact that the love-based, humanitarian, compassionate campaign of Bernie has the momentum, the poll lead, the enthusiasm, indicates that finally this country has awakened to what has been revealed – a faux-democracy, designed and perpetuated by wealthy interests that have only greed and power as their goal. This further indicates that we are, as a people and as a country, ready and wanting the vision Bernie represents – finally a government of the people, by the people and for the people. IMAGINE!

As we move towards the conclusion of this incredible nominating season – one in which I believe Bernie will emerge victorious – let’s us remember why we love this man and why he has inspired us so. It is because of his innate humanity and unconditional love. And he expresses that not just towards those that support and agree with him but towards those who don’t. Most importantly, he has expressed it for decades within the very corrupted political system in which he has been called to serve.

For almost 50 years, he has served next to our misguided brothers and sisters who have compromised themselves for money, ego and power – many at the cost of creating great suffering to others. And yet, he has remained steadfast in speaking truth to power but without personal rancor or malice – with passion, at times with a loud voice and with total commitment but never with hate and bitterness towards his colleagues who have lost their way. If we love him – and we do – let’s emulate him and do the same. This is our path to victory – both politically and spiritually. (PS I will forget this at least 5 times today – and that’s if it’s a good day!)

We do not need to be fearful or anxious about the upcoming Democratic Convention or the November Election. Why? Simple (but not easy to always comprehend or remember). Bernie has released within his efforts a power much greater than that of the corrupt military-corporate-industrial complex. The power of the Creator’s Love expressed through us.

When Gandhi made a full-time commitment to devote his life to getting Britain to give up their perverse enslavement of the Indian continent, when MLK,Jr. fully committed himself to give blacks full participation in their society, when Mandela and Tutu devoted themselves fully to having the evil inherent in apartheid overthrown, and when Bob Marley devoted his life and immense musical talent to bringing the world a message of One Love and revealing the perverse “Babylon system,” none of them knew how – or if – their efforts would lead to the full realization of their hoped-for goal. They just did the work.

In making this complete commitment to be used as an instrument of the Creator’s Love, a force took over, the force of love-in-action, or Satyagraha (truth and soul force) as Gandhi called it. Some lived to see the dream realized but in a compromised form (the “vivisection” of the Indian continent into India, Pakistan and Kashmir). Some like Tutu, Mandela and Marley saw their vision manifest. Some, like MLK, Jr., did not live to see their dream fully realized. Perhaps sensing this, Martin said, in his last speech the night before his assassination, “Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will. And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land!”

Bernie is playing his Divinely-given and Divinely-guided role in this transformation of this planet into a love-based world. Let’s join him by claiming ourselves as “teachers of love.”. It is our birthright.

Bernie Sanders is playing a major role in the awakening of our planet. I say that because to wake up from the “sleep” and once again remember that we are Divinity incarnate. For thousands of years many indigenous people knew this. Native Americans trusted the “Great Spirit” or the “Great Mystery” to provide all they needed – food, shelter, clothing, etc. All 600+ Native American tribes were monotheistic. Believing them selves and all things – animate and inanimate – to be part of the Divinity, they created societies that brought out the best in people.

Consider a society based on three truths: we are one with each other, one with the Earth and one with our Creator. Consider a society where you are taken care of from cradle-to-grave, where men and women are equals and though the “chiefs’ were all men, there were often chosen by the clan mothers who chose the most giving, altruistic tribal member to lead. Chiefs could only persuade – never command.

Each tribal member chose what they loved to do – hunt, gather, conduct ceremonies, build shelters, protect the tribe, take care of the young, old or sick, etc – and they offered their efforts to the tribe. All efforts were considered equal. They developed no “labor-saving” devices because they relished in their “labor” and it kept them fit. They built no large lodges preferring instead to spend most of their time in nature. They lived within a society that brought out the best in humans.

Around 5000 years ago, this newer culture – let’s call it “Babylon” as the Elder Rastas do – began in Babylon, Sumeria and India. It was based on greed, money, private ownership, power of force, patriarchy, and three lies: we are separate from each other, separate from the Earth and separate from our Creator. It no longer remembered the Divinity inherent within all people. It has spread this insanity across the globe, engulfing and transforming almost all indigenous people in its path.

This insanity now has brought us into a global crisis. Threats are many: an environmental crisis with no serious remedial action, fundamentalism in every major religion, national media, political systems and banking systems that are fully corrupted, WMDs, etc. Within this global crisis we are awakening, remembering our own Divinity. It was the forgetting of this that created the crisis. The remembrance will solve it. Bernie is doing his part by revealing the system but without bitterness, rancor or demonization. He understands the “system” has made us all rather insane and only love will restore us to wholeness and sanity. Like the clan mothers of old, let’s chose the most giving, most altruistic to gently lead us.

Bob Marley sings in his song One Love: “Is there a place for the hopeless sinner who would hurt all mankind just to save his own?” This describes so many, almost all, of our political, corporate and media “leaders.” I often wonder, after their day’s work of creating real suffering for so many in order to get or keep their power, acclaim and money, when they are alone in the shower, or putting their head on their pillow, do they feel ANY remorse? Do they even wish they could keep their fame, power and money without hurting others? Without compromising their integrity? Without selling their souls? Have they no empathy? No sense of decency? Are they that spiritually young that they have no inkling of why we are all here on this planet – to teach and learn love.

In One Love, Bob also sings: “There is no hiding place from the Father of Creation.” Our Creator will continue to guide these lost souls towards Love. Karma was created for that. Not as a punishment but rather as a self-correcting Universal law to awaken us to the Creator’s love within each of us. But sometimes their journey Home seems so slow. So torturous. But then again, at times so does mine.

Like attracts like. If we give up, so will others. If we cry, so will they. But if we decide this is a new beginning, others will take courage. We influence other people. Our attitudes send out ripples of feeling – like the scent of flowers that floats on air currents. What we think and say sets the stage for what is to happen. We can change our minds, our words, our attitudes, and we stop crying. We act like our prayers are already answered and take steps to show we believe it. When the early morning sun breaks through the far side of the woods, the dark places are lighted and much healing takes place. And so it is with us. ~ Great Spirit, you lived first, and you are older than all need. ~ BLACK ELK, Lakota Sioux Elder

June 21

Signs that the planet is now entering a period of intense dynamic tension between the vibration of love and fear are everywhere. One of the more visible signs is the present political scene in the U.S. where we have symbols of hatred and bitterness with Trump, the continued acceptance of a corrupt oligarchy disguised as a democracy with Clinton and a powerful dynamic flow of a love-based political vision embodied in Bernie Sanders.

However, these two global vibrations are not visible to all at this time. Since birth, we have each been fitted with a pair of “reality-viewing glasses” that has distorted our vision of the true “Reality.” The commonly shared lenses of these glasses are three main lies: that we are separate from each other, separate from the Earth and separate from our Creator. Then our glasses are customized for each of us with lenses that distort our perception by showing us “the world” that we personally must fit into (what we “should” say, do, dress, believe, understand, present to others, etc.).

Now, people are awakening everywhere and lifting these glasses and often our first response is shock and dismay that we were fooled for so long by so many, so cleverly. This often gives way to anger, frustration and fear as we view global-wide exploitation, war and the perverse manipulation of innocent masses. The “matrix” of misguided power becomes sharply in focus.

This period of disorientation is understandable and will remain until we fit ourselves with our own new set of glasses, the lenses of which include three truths: that we are one with each other, one with the Earth and one with our Creator. From these truths flows the core understanding that we are each incarnating on this planet – this huge round “teaching devise” – to learn and teach love. Other lenses can be added as needed to assist this primary lens (spiritual paths, yoga, healthy diets, exercise, time in nature, holistic health, etc.).

And as these lenses begin to adjust and later dominate our world view, what appears is yet another matrix – one much stronger than the old-paradigm one – and it then comes into clear focus. It is a matrix of Divine Love that permeates every moment of our lives, every encounter, every situation – overlaying what appears to be a painful, often sordid world that is in “Reality” seven billion of us searching, yearning, grasping, asking for love in so many convoluted forms. And this vibration of Divine Love can and will work through each of us as we change our “glasses,” as we change our worldview to extend this love to all. And by doing so – by offering others the love they yearn for – we solidify it in

June 25
The Unfolding Political Situation (with a spiritual patina)
Be aware but don’t be fearful! The present situation within our own government, and probably most of the governments on the planet, is that you no longer can get to national office (president, senator or house member) unless it is clear to your party, both Democrats and GOP, and to the big donors – private and corporate – that you are willing to prostitute yourself to get their backing (Bernie, who takes no big money, is the rare exception in US). Candidates on both sides are all now pre-qualified as willing to do their bidding. Or as Bob Marley says, “If you can be corrupted, you are corrupt.”

Once in office, they could care less about the will of the people or how outraged we might get for selling us out. They know that come the next election, we will be choosing between two totally compromised candidates and whoever has the biggest financial backing will win.

We need to understand that this system is now totally corrupted and probably always has been. We need to know this is so that we will understand what is needed to create a true democracy, which would include term limits, public financing of election, etc. However, what we are really on the verge of birthing is a love-based political system which will be totally new to the planet and most likely based on Native American concepts, where the chiefs were chosen by asking the “givers” in the tribe to be chiefs. In our system, it’s the “takers” and of course once in office they do just that – take. We cannot birth this system until the present corrupted one is fully revealed – which it pretty much is now – thanks in great part to Bernie and all his supporters. We await “the Rosa Park Moment.” It’s coming!

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